Published on Tuesday, 07. May 2019. 20:37

The First place at the Swiss Country Awards 2019

With a great joy we can announce our full success at the country competition in the "Bonanza". Besides 10 other bands from Switzerland and Germany, who were allowed to present their musical skills and knowledge on Friday/Saturday 03./04. Mai 2019, we received the most votes from the audience and the jury, not only as the best Swiss Country Band 2019, but also for the best song of our own "Love Everything About You".

Therefore a big thank to all of you who supported us.

We look forward to welcome you personally to one of our concerts very soon.

Raya, Rafi, Bodo & Nik

Published on Monday, 14. January 2019. 07:59

Production of a new Songs

Dear Unifour fans,

We wish you a happy new year, good luck and health and of course always a Country Song in your ear.

After our "hot autumn" with many nice performances and the very nice end of the year at John's Kentucky Saloon in Pratteln we have in the next weeks a break in performance, in which we will focus on our studio work.
We have some newly composed, interesting songs in the pipeline and we can not wait to record them in Nik's Swiss Sound Studio to present them to you. You will learn more about that in March / April and may be curious in any case ...

Kind regards
Raya, Bodo, Rafi & Nik

Published on Thursday, 21. September 2017. 18:16

Unifour is complete again!

A few months ago, we had the good fortune to meet an impressive professional singer. She supported us with a unique vibe and commitment in which she jumped for the sick Heather as a singer and frontwoman at short notice. Since then, we've been doing some concerts with her, originally always with the agreement that it would be a temporary collaboration. After Heather's departure from Unifour, however, has now grown together what belongs together:
Our new singer and frontlady is called Raya Sarontino!

Welcome Raya! We are extremely pleased to be able to continue the Unifour story together with you!

Published on Wednesday, 16. August 2017. 22:22

Heather Hoy says goodbye

Dear friends and Unifour fans,

Over recent weeks and months we have shared your hopes that Heather would soon return to the band to continue making music with us and singing for you. Unfortunately, Heather has now told us that, due to her health situation, she has no choice but to leave Unifour permanently. We regret this situation deeply and are very sad about her departure. We wish Heather and her family all the best for the future, and hope that things will develop positively for her and that she will return to health as soon as possible.

Our new start

We have decided to reshape Unifour. We will now give some thought to our new line-up and also our future plans and goals and, of course, the question of permanently filling the frontwoman position at Unifour. However, this shouldn’t take too long and we promise to launch a new Unifour era soon with a full line-up and fresh impetus.

Upcoming Unifour performances

We are delighted to announce that all of Unifour’s scheduled performances will take place as planned. For the majority of these, you will get to hear Raya Sarontino standing in as our lead singer, however Jutta Villinger will also take the mic from time to time.

Best wishes
Bodo, Nik, Rafael

Published on Tuesday, 27. June 2017. 21:55

Our lead singer Heather Hoy is unfortunately ill

Dear friends, dear Unifour fans,

at the moment, we all want it so much that Heather is going to get well soon and be able to get on the stage with us very quickly. However, it has now become apparent that her illness and recovery will take more time than we initially thought. The doctors have given her a lot of time and rest, so she can not return to the stage with us this year. We are very sad and equally hopeful that this time out for Heather will be the right investment in their health and after that it can go uphill again for her.

As far as the Unifour appearances on the calendar this year, we have found two worthy representatives for Heather in Raya Sarontino and Jutta Villinger who, fortunately, have also found the pleasure and time to support us quickly and jump in - a huge one big thanks to them. We are therefore very relieved and glad that Raya will make the most and Jutta a few performances by the end of the year with us. We have to wait and see what happens next.

Despite the situation, we are looking forward to the coming performances and will play with the same dedication, passion and joy for which we are known and popular.

Best regards and see you soon,
Nik, Rafael and Bodo

Published on Tuesday, 21. March 2017. 19:17

Unifour performing Rocky Top

Something new for our listeners!
Unifour's version of the classic hit, Rocky Top featuring our new drummer, Rafi!

Published on Friday, 27. January 2017. 11:01

Opener for The Bellamy Brothers’s the translation of the Flyer:


The opening act for the Bellamy Brothers (Roger & the Wild Horses) had to cancel their show this coming Saturday due to the lead singer’s health issue. We wish him all the best and a quick recovery! But, not to worry, we found a worthy replacement for the opening act:


Seven years ago, American born lead singer, Heather Hoy helped form the Swiss based band, Unifour. Since then, this formation, led by Heather’s powerful voice, has undoubtedly made their name as one of the best Country bands in Switzerland! Their second concert in Albisgütli will take place on March 18, 2017.

Published on Tuesday, 01. November 2016. 21:55

Unifour is once again complete

Unifour is proud and excited to present our newest member! Bodo, Nik and Heather welcome Rafael Zimmerman from Sursee to our Unifour family and cannot wait to rock the stage with this very talented drummer!

Effective immediately, Unifour is once again complete and we are very excited to present the same quality of sound and energy on stage that you have seen over the last 5 years, but now with new songs in the repertoire, a new logo and a new website to be presented very soon!!

It's a new chapter for Unifour......

And by the way, in case you were wondering, YES, our second CD is coming!! We are working very hard to finish the work that we already started and hope to have it released by the end of 2017!! Stay tuned....

Published on Tuesday, 01. November 2016. 21:55

Comeback Unifour

Dear Unifour Fans,

The last 6 months have been an emotional rollercoaster for us. They have been a difficult time, but also a time of great retrospection. It has become very clear to the three of us how unbelievable and amazing the last 5 years with the band have been and how much Unifour means to us.

Therefore……we are very happy to announce, THE UNIFOUR STORY WILL CONTINUE!

Heather, Bodo and Nik are NOT dissolving the band and we are currently interviewing new drummers. Unifour will start a new chapter with a new team member! We will roll out a new logo, a new website, play new repertoire…it will be a NEW beginning!

We hope you will take this journey with us because we are very excited!

CU Soon
Nik, Heather & Bodo

Published on Tuesday, 01. November 2016. 21:54

Happy New Year

We wish all of our fans a wonderfully exciting night tonight! May all of your wishes, dreams and plans be fulfilled in 2016! We want to thank all of you for your continued support, for being regular guests at our concerts and for rooting us on in all our endeavors! We also thank the Swiss radio stations for continously playing our songs -- what an honor! We really appreciate it! 2016 will be a new journey for us as we complete and release our 2. Album!!

We are very excited and blessed to be able to follow our dreams. Happy New Year everyone!! Be safe!

Heather, Bodo, Nik and Renato

Published on Tuesday, 01. November 2016. 21:51

Unifour performing Rather Be

The another day in the rehearshal room: Unifour mixing it up a bit...
Pop meets Countrymusic!

Published on Tuesday, 01. November 2016. 21:50

Lonely In Ohio

Our Christmas song has arrived!! This is our Christmas present not only to all of our wonderful fans, but any and everyone who loves Country music!! Enjoy!